We have a certain “attitude” at Northside that we refer to as “Being Northside.”

1. We are followers of Jesus Christ (pilgrims really) on a journey. 

2. We think Jesus meant what he said about life, which challenges and motivates us.

3. We espouse no easy answers for this journey (neither did he), but we promise love and support to those who walk with us.

4. Anyone can walk with us; it isn’t our job to judge. God’s grace is free!

5. As a part of that promised love and support, we try our best to avoid “guilting” each other; there is enough guilt in life without more coming from the church.

6. Our mission is all around us — the good news of God’s grace is desperately needed in our world. 

7. We firmly believe the Christian life is not a checklist, but is more about relationships than anything else.