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Sunday School Classes for All Ages

We have a Sunday School class for every age!

Classes for Children:

  • Ages 1-3, Toddlers & Pre-School: 9:30 am-11am, basic childcare; 11am-Noon—an enriched program based on “Toddlers & Twos,” the format will be: a simple story, a learning activity, music & movement, a snack, playtime.
  • Children’s Church: 11:20 am-Noon, is for children 4 and up to attend after “the Time for Children” in Worship. The program is based on the Sunday Lectionary and follows along the lessons read in Worship. A resource for Children’s Church for 2015-2016 is “A Year’s Worth of Children’s Church.”
  • Pre-School (3-5) Sunday School: 10:15 am-10:45 am; “Deep Blue” Curriculum.
  • Elementary (ages 5-11) Sunday School: 10:15 am-10:45 am; “Deep Blue” Curriculum.
  • Youth (ages 12+) Sunday School: Will begin with a curriculum entitled “Bullies and Mean Girls”

Classes for Adults:

  • Presbyterian's Today Class: this class follows the Presbyterian's Today magazine. 
  • Covenant Class:  This class is a Bible study class. 
  • What Now? Class: What Now?” is both a question and the name of a church school class! This class will discuss two best-selling books: Your Life Calling by Jane Pauley, and Bruce Frankel’s What Should I Do With The Rest of My Life?

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Phone: 423-266-1766